Fasting Journal : Snacks

One of the two main reasons for going to the strict OMAD fasting diet was to train myself not to respond to psychological drives for additional meals.

I was one of those 9 meals a day people, who had been assured that frequent meals was the best idea for keeping the blood sugar level. I now see that as telling a man with weak legs that using a wheel chair for all his movement would fix his weakness. I didn’t need to mediate the changes in my blood sugar levels, I needed to fix the reason for those spikes and dips.

But that left me programmed to need a meal before bed, a meal upon awakening, meals and snacks throughout the day. It just seems normal to me. Even now, after knowing for 20 years that this is just a modern invention, it seems normal to me.

So here I sit, 4 1/2 hours after my OMAD meal, wanting to fix a snack. Of course, with what I have in the fridge, it would be a whole food, keto, pastoral snack, probably celery, olives, cheese, hot peppers, and maybe some leftover pork.

But it would ruin what I’m doing. So I won’t. Instead I will exorcise it here in this post. Hopefully that will be enough, along with some water.

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