Fasting Journal : Day 9 of OMAD

Starting to find my feet in this thing. I’m finding that I desire fewer calories, but I know I need to keep it up a little. Still high on carbs, but that’s mostly the kefir and blueberries. I’m still in “mild” ketosis when I go to bed, and well into ketosis when I wake up.

The way I’m working it is that I start with bacon and eggs, just because I love bacon and eggs. When I am cooking that I partially prepare my salad, then eat the eggs while they are nice and hot. I go back, put on whatever meat I’m having, and finish up the salad and eat that. That’s the longest part. It’s a big salad and takes a while to eat. Usually about halfway through I have to take the meat off the fire and so it’s rested and ready to eat when I’m done going back to the salad.

The Kefir is usually ready first, but not necessarily. I’m probably going to stop using it. I don’t know that I will enjoy it without the blueberries. I took a small taste today and it’s pretty tart. I would probably do better to drink bone broth with my meal. I certainly get enough lactobacteria through sauerkraut.

I’m also running out of vitamins and I am too broke to buy more. Fortunately I am probably taking much more than I need and have overcome any deficiencies I might have had. My regular meals are high nutrition and will suffice for the most part.

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