Fasting Journal : OMAD day 4

I started at 4:PM and just finished. I didn’t have everything I planned but I figured to be fair I should stop at an hour.

It’s 4:58 and I haven’t taken time to input my food yet. Let me go do that.

[Image deleted]

Hmm… that’s really enough calories, but too high on carbs. I’ll check for ketones later, but they say as long as you get it into one hour, some additional carbs are not really a problem. We’re about to find out.

I made 24oz of kefir and it was more than I wanted. I’ll have less tomorrow, and my kefir grains should be more active. I’ve had them in the fridge for a month or so and it takes a while to start up. I suspect my kefir is lower in carbs than the listed kefir. I want to keep cutting back on the blueberries until I can talk myself into drinking it plain.

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  1. Just checked ketones, still moderately high (4.0) in the urine. This is the second check after eating, so it’s representative. Of course, even at the worst, that was only about 20% calories from carbs. Usually I am closer to 5%, but 20% is in the range of someone with a somewhat repaired insulin sensitivity.

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